The SB Savoury was established with the intention of providing customers with high-quality natural spices sourced from various parts of country.

We currently serve clients in the food service channel and have products and formats suitable for restaurants and hotels.

The SB Savoury strives to bring the best out of the spices we serve, tantalizing your senses and enhancing your culinary experience. All our spices are carefully sourced and hand packed, ensuring that the natural flavor and freshness is guaranteed.

Why Use Our Products?

Beneficial For Your General
Health And Wellness

We Help The Environment With
Sustainable Production

All Of Our Products Are
Hand Packed With Care

We Choose The Best Spices

All Of Our Products Are
Natural and Without Any Food Color

Unique Packaging Maintains
Freshness For Longer

Whether you have a small restaurant or cafe, a chain of restuarant or a world class hotel we would like to encourage you to use our products. by doing so you will be adding high quality spices to your food and more importantly playing a key role in shaping the fture ingredient sourcing.

We only source the best grade of spices to ensure that you get the highest quality products that are fresh, clean and are abundant of flavour.