SB Savoury Soul of the recipe

Spices That Redefine Your Taste

Our goal is very simple, we want to take homemade products mainstream. We only sell products that are grown naturally and certified by accredited institutions. We believe that the future is all about sustainable and natural products.
Today people from all walks of life are embracing homemade products like never before and we are here to help them by offering value for money products.

Our Products

The SB Savoury invites you to be bold and creative in developing a unique and unforgettable experience to your guests using our world class spices.


"Love the taste of SB savoury Masala! I have been using Sb Savoury since a very long time and not disappointed even a single time!"

Kiran PatilHousewife

"The quality of these masalas is the best. Better than other masalas in the market. Love the taste as well."

Satish SharmaChef